Squirrels often find shelter in attics or openings in roofs. Once a squirrel family has made its way in ones home it can become increasingly difficult to remove the animals. It is important to understand how these animals function so that any attempt for removal is effective.

When you are trying to find the best methods of removing squirrels from the attic, you should think about safety before anything else. It is important for you to remember the safety not only of your family but also of the animals, too. There are many kinds of animals that like to get into a warm environment like attics in the home.

Animals like rats, mice and raccoons are also critters that like to get into the house during certain seasons of the year and bad weather. You should first investigate to see what kind of animals you are dealing with. You can do research on the Internet for specific instructions for different kinds of animals.

There are websites dedicated to certain animals or simply to the task of ridding of pests, for example www.squirrelcontrol.ca has a section about DIY methods for squirrel removal. The homeowner must protect his home and animals also need to be protected. You want to drive the animals out without killing any of them if you can. You need to follow up your clean out efforts by sealing the house so no more animals can get in.

While they would rather be in the woods in their own territory and natural environment, in cities where trees are close to houses, squirrels often find shelter in roofs. The reason is that roofs are often close to trees where squirrels reside and it just seems like an extension of their natural environment. They just want to be safe. To find where they are coming in, look for light that is coming in from cracks and holes, and check for holes they have created on their own. Make sure you cover these holes by screwing in sturdy pieces of wood.

After you have covered the holes properly, check the entire house for any animals that are left over. Set traps of the appropriate size and fill them with peanut butter or another sticky substance. You do not want any critters trapped in your home trying to find a way out.

It is important to find efficient and safe methods to properly remove animals like squirrels from your home. Check every month on a regular basis to make sure none have returned. Make a checklist of the proper tools you will need and follow instructions to using proper methods.

Practical Tips on Removing Squirrels From the Attic